Lulav and Etrog

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Starter Lulav and Etrog Set
From Israel
$ 34.99
Premium Lulav and Etrog Set
From Israel
$ 44.99

GoSukkah has recently started offering customers the opportunity to buy Lulav and Etrog sets for one affordable price. We aim to become the one stop shop for all your Sukkot needs. The GoSukkah founders, born and raised in Great Neck, are big fans of a good discount, no surprise.

All Sets are complete!

Each set contains:

  • Etrog אתרוג - the fruit of a citron tree
  • Lulav לולב - a ripe, green closed palm branch.
  • Hadass הדס - leaves from a myrtle tree
  • Aravah ערבה - branches with leaves from the willow tree